about me

about me


My name is Daniel. I have photographed since I was a child – first, I took photos fictionally with a handmade camera consisting of a toilet paper role and a carton, afterwards, I used the analogue cameras of my father, nowadays I am using for quite a while my own digital equipment.

I want my photos to be liked – sometimes also at the second sight. I like to wait for the right moment to capture snapshot as much as I like the considerate arrangement, the play with composition and angle. I try to avoid “Hihi-Photos” for which “all are please smiling for a moment”. Instead I am looking to capture authentic photos of authentic moments.

Photography is my passion. It fits my personality. I am curious. I am trying to be modest (except for in my professional portfolio) but I am critical and expressive at the same time.

During my photographic studies I visited “Trümmertunte Paula” and “the revolutionary shop owner“ for several month, got to know them and took photos of their lived reality. Even though I won’t have enough time to spent as much time for my customers it is important for me to get to know the people of which I take photos. One way of doing this is by observations while taking photos.

My CV (with a focus on photography) 

As an editorial trainee and editor (2005 – 2009) press photography was part of my professional life for more then three years. More than by writing and filming, through press photography and many thousand photos I was able to to communicate my point of view of the news.

During my studies of Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Maastrich (2010-2013) I was able to ponder about the philosophical and cultural aspects of photography.

In Berlin (since 2013) I have continued my photographic work. I have been student of the class on photo reports by the Swedish photographer and photo editor of the newspaper taz Ann-Christine Jansson. Once more I got to know photography as a deeply social enterprise. I learned to more consciously reflect on my selection of photos and to develop my own visual language – and by that to pass on emotions through photographies.

Early I have also started to use digital image processing software (Adobe CameraRaw, Photoshop)


It is not about the camera but about the one using it…

…nevertheless: I use the Sony A6000 I, which doesn’t seem very spectacular because of its size. However, the professional wedding photographer Jason Lanier tested the camera in this video during a wedding and seems very happy.



Daniel Kister


  • Bezirkswettbewerb der Stiftung Bahn Sozialwerk – 1. Preis (1995)
  • 26. internationales Fisaic Photo Festival (Jugend) – 5. Platz (1996)
  • Fotowettbewerb zur Karl-Marx-Straße im Rahmen des “Monats der Fotografie (Annerkennungsurkunde, 2014)
  • WIR – Hier ist anderswo – Ausstellung der Fotoreportageklasse (2014/15) von Ann-Christine Jansson

– in der Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche (Berlin)
– im Rathaus Kreuzberg (Berlin, in Planung)


  • Gruppenausstellung im Rahmen des “Monats der Fotografie” bei Fotopioniere und in Geschäften der Karl-Marx-Alee




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